Your Natural Side - Green Clay Powder
Your Natural Side - Green Clay Powder

Your Natural Side - Green Clay Powder

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Your Natural Side Green Montmorillonite has the strongest action of any available clay. It has disinfecting and healing properties. It improves circulation, reduces irritation, it is anti-inflammatory, tones and leveling the skin pH. It has a healing effect in the case of minor injuries and harmless burns and even bites of mosquitoes. It also helps to reduce stretch marks and cellulite.
Montmorillonite Green Clay is extracted from silica-alumina rocks. I'ts name comes from Montmorillon, a village in southern France, where it was discovered. Montmorillonite clay has its green color due to the presence of bivalent iron and copper ions.

Good for normal, mixed and oily skin, requiring regeneration and nourishment. For skin with problems, acne, seborrhoea, mature, with signs of aging, requiring firming.

Green clay can also be used as a ingrident for the home make creams, lotions and tonics. In cosmetics it causes a dull effect, absorbs excess sebum production and enriches the cream with micronutrients and mineral salts.

How to Use: masks and body masks - add 2 teaspoons of essential oil (dry and flaky skin) and teaspoon of floral water (mixed and oily skin) and mix until smooth. Put on your face and hold about 10 minutes. Then wash the mask off with warm boiled water and moisturize the skin with oil. Apply 1-2 times a week,
wraps - the clay in a glass dish, pour fresh water so it clay it completely. Then mix the pulp with a wooden spatula. Before use, place the dish near the heat source. Use a warm clay wrap on selected parts of the body,
bath - take a bath of 100g of clay and warm with water. It is used for colds, it also works relaxing and relaxing,
tooth cleaning - dip wet powdered toothbrush. Brush your teeth and gums just like a regular paste,
wash your hair - mix: 10g of clay, 20ml of flower water, 1 egg yolk. Apply the paste to your hair and hold for 15 minutes. Rinse with water. Clay hair care reduces their fragility and loss. Improves blood supply to the skin, works against dandruff.


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